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Things to do. Places to go. People to see. Social events are a big part of the good life at Travisso, Austin’s premier master-planned community. Bookmark the Events blog section and you’ll never miss any of the fun.

There truly is something for everyone and every interest on the Travisso social calendar. Over the past few months, residents have attended a gala holiday soiree and marched in a pet parade. They’ve cheered and chowed down at a tailgate party. They’ve celebrated autumn at our annual Fall Festival, and welcomed spring at Travisso Fest, a fun-filled day of music, food and good times for the whole family.

Life is party all year long at Travisso and you have a standing invitation!

Travisso September Events Calendar

Event - Kathy Mayer - Sep 1, 2023

This September, Travisso is turning up the excitement! Our calendar is packed with engaging activities, inviting clubs, and delightful family-oriented events that cater to all.…

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Travisso August Events Calendar

Event - Kathy Mayer - Aug 3, 2023

Get ready to party at Travisso this August! We've got a busy lineup of fun activities, clubs, and events for you and the whole family.…

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Travisso July Events Calendar

Event - Kathy Mayer - Jul 3, 2023

Summer is heating up at Travisso! RSVP now for all the awesome events and activities in July. From family-friendly fun to exclusive clubs, you're sure…

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Travisso June Events Calendar

Event - Kathy Mayer - Jun 5, 2023

Get ready to RSVP to all the fun happening during June at Travisso! This summer, you can enjoy activities, clubs, and events for the whole…

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Travisso May Events Calendar

Event - Kathy Mayer - May 2, 2023

Get ready to mark your calendars because our Travisso May events calendar is packed with an incredible lineup of events, clubs, and activities for the…

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Travisso April Events Calendar

Event - Kathy Mayer - Apr 4, 2023

It’s time to hop into spring this April and sign up for all of the awesome events at Travisso!  At Travisso, community is a priority.…

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Travisso March Events Calendar

Event - Kathy Mayer - Mar 1, 2023

Start off the Spring season with some exciting March events! Staying at home for Spring Break? We have some fun activities for you and your…

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Travisso February Events Calendar

Event - Kathy Mayer - Feb 2, 2023

Are you looking for something fun to do with the family in February? Look no further! We have a great lineup of family-friendly events happening…

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Travisso January Events Calendar

Event - Kathy Mayer - Jan 2, 2023

Let's kick off the New Year with some exciting events this month! We are looking forward to 2023 and all of the amazing things to…

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Travisso December Events Calendar

Event - Kathy Mayer - Dec 5, 2022

And just like that, it’s December! This month is filled with holidays, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying the last month of 2022…

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