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Attitudes, activities, values, the way you connect with your community and the people in it–lifestyle is all that and much more. It’s a philosophy that puts a premium on staying involved, engaged and open to new experiences. That’s exactly what you’ll hear about here.

If there’s something new at Travisso you need to know about, we’ll tell you. If there’s someone new you ought to meet, we’ll make the introduction. When a new store or restaurant opens, we’ll cover it. When there’s a party, parade or concert planned, we’ll give you a heads-up. Stop by often so you never miss a bit of dish about the best places to enjoy life in your new Leander community and your new home in Austin.

Lake Travis Facts to Know Before You Go

Family Fun, Lifestyle - Glory Spies - Jun 29, 2020

Lake Travis, a large piece of water heaven located in Austin, is a day-tripper’s dream and a vacation destination all rolled into one. With crystal…

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Identifying Central Texas Birds in Your Travisso Backyard

Family Fun, Lifestyle - Glory Spies - Jun 25, 2020

Whether you are an avid birder or an ambitious amateur, Travisso’s landscape overlooking the Texas Hill Country is a bird lover’s haven. From sunrise to…

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Easy Summertime Snacks Kids Can Make Themselves

Food, Lifestyle - Glory Spies - Jun 23, 2020

I’m hungry! Sound familiar? While summertime is the best time to enjoy the great outdoors, kids’ appetites tend to soar to new heights. Swimming, bicycling…

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Create a Fun and Functional Playroom the Kids Will Love

At Home, Lifestyle - Glory Spies - Jun 13, 2020

Thinking of dedicating an extra space in your home as a playroom? Whether your kids like to host a tea party, save the world like…

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Lake Travis: The Ultimate Family Water Playground

Family Fun, Lifestyle - Glory Spies - Jun 9, 2020

Looking for a change from the new normal? Whatever your idea of the perfect staycation is, Lake Travis has it all and more. While many…

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Household Projects to Refresh Your Home this Summer

Lifestyle - Glory Spies - Jun 7, 2020

While household projects usually don’t make it on our summer bucket lists, the warmer months make it the ideal time to refresh our living spaces.…

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Father’s Day Ideas to Make Any Dad Feel Extra Special

Lifestyle, Trending - Glory Spies - May 31, 2020

This year Father’s Day falls on June 21. As the world continues to cope with Covid-19 and slowly come out of quarantine, celebrating and getting…

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A Patriotic Guide to Creating a Memorial Day to Remember

Lifestyle - Glory Spies - May 19, 2020

Delicious food, decorations, games and family are the makings of a great Memorial Day weekend. However, when making plans it’s paramount to not lose sight…

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Create an at Home Coffee Bar for Sheltering-in-Place

Lifestyle, Trending - Glory Spies - May 12, 2020

Missing your favorite coffee bar while sheltering-in-place? As we get more comfortable working from home the coffee-obsessed most likely are yearning for that coffee shop…

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The Newcomers Guide to Mispronounced Texas Cities

Family Fun, Lifestyle - Glory Spies - May 7, 2020

Are you tongue-tied when it comes to pronouncing the names of Texas cities? If you're a new arrival to the Lone Star state most likely…

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