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Texas is one of nine states that do not have a state income tax. Instead, taxes are collected through property tax. Here’s how taxes are collected in Leander and the surrounding area and the bill you can prepare to owe if looking to purchase property.

Understanding Property Taxes in Texas

Buying a Home, Market trends, Moving to a New Home - Kathy Mayer - Apr 27, 2021

Do you know someone that actually likes taxes? A simple concept that turns out to be widely complex, and different everywhere you go. Moving to…

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Austin Housing Market: Trends, Forecasts for 2020

Market trends - Glory Spies - Jan 22, 2020

Already sizzling hot, the city of Austin’s housing market in 2020 will continue to remain a landing-place for those seeking to relocate to the Lone…

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5 Austin Area Housing Market Trends to Keep Your Eye On

Market trends, Moving to a New Home - Glory Spies - Aug 13, 2019

Planning to move to the Austin Area? With reports of Austin's housing market being red hot there is one guarantee—you won't be alone. According to…

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Why Austin’s Job Market is a Hot Commodity

Market trends - Glory Spies - Apr 4, 2019

Moving to Austin and looking for a new job? The great news is that Austin’s job market is sizzling hot. Austin’s population is booming and…

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2019 Housing Market Forecast, Predictions

Buying a Home, Market trends - Glory Spies - Feb 15, 2019

With high tech companies and businesses continuing to invest in the Austin metro area, real estate experts are predicting that the housing market will remain…

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Why Winter is an Ideal Season for Buying a New Home

Buying a Home, Market trends - Glory Spies - Dec 5, 2018

Many people overlook buying a new home during the winter season. However, here in Central Texas, and particularly in Austin, it may just be the…

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The Facts About Leander’s Housing Market

Market trends - Glory Spies - Nov 2, 2018

Since it seems that it’s getting more difficult these days to find an affordable home in Austin, it’s easy to see why people migrating to…

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