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Choosing the Right Floor Plan for Your New Home

Buying a Home - glory - Jun 24, 2018

Whether you are buying your very first home or, building your forever home, it’s a thrilling time in your life. After all, purchasing a new home is a major decision. Once you’ve made the initial decision to buy a new home you can move forward to the next step. And, that is choosing a floor plan.

Think of a floor plan as a road map of how you will function in your home on a daily basis. A floor plan is a drawing of the layout of a home. It can sometimes be difficult to understand and frankly, a bit overwhelming. But, on-the-other hand, it can also be a great visual tool and an advantage when making decisions on available builder options. A floor plan outlines every room in a home including outside areas and the garage. It also shows where entry ways, doors, closets, and optional extended areas and amenities are located. Primarily, the floor plan gives homebuyers the opportunity to see on paper the general flow of a home and its overall size and shape.

When it comes to selecting a floor plan there are a lot of things to consider. With so many builders and floor plans to choose from, how do you know which one is the right one for you? Here at Travisso we did some research and put together a check list to help lead you down the street to success.

Determine a budget

Time, of course, as the saying goes, is money. And, you can have save yourself both if you know from the start how much money you have to spend. Knowing how much money you can spend will help determine the number of choices you have within that price range. Home builders, including those at Travisso, have a variety of available collections with multiple floor plans in varying price ranges. In addition, when setting a budget, it is advisable to include a fixed dollar amount for upgrades. To keep on track, set a limit, and don’t go over budget.

Lot Size Can Be a Determining Factor

Lots come in all shapes and sizes. From straight and narrow, to pie-shaped, to scenic, to sloping. Consequently, it is extremely important to make sure your floor plan conforms to both the size and shape of the lot. And, there are other things to consider. Do you like extra space and want a corner lot? Or, do you want a one-story home on a wider lot? Are you going to put in a pool? Or, do you prefer a narrow lot so that you don’t have to cut the grass as often? Will you need extra space for an expanded driveway as your family grows? Do you want a big backyard for kids to play? Do you like sunrises or sunsets? Are you required to have a fence around your entire yard? Do you need space for a garden? Remember to look at the total picture and ask questions. And, make sure the floor plan that you ultimately purchase will fit on the lot.

Choosing the Right Size Home for your Family?

Finding the right sized home for your family is essential. Decide on the number of bedrooms you need. Is each child going to have their own bedroom or are they going to share? How many bathrooms do you need? Do you need a guest bedroom? Do you work from home and need an office? Will your family grow in the future? How many cars do you have? All these factors weigh into determining the square footage of a home.

Make Sure the Flow of your Home is Functional

Your floor plan should be both comfortable and functional. Do you want a one-story home with everything on one level? Or, a two-story home where you have walk up the stairs? Where do you want the master bedroom? Do you have small children and want all the bedrooms on the same level? Do you want a laundry room on the second level? Or, do you prefer a combined laundry/mud room on the first level near the garage entrance? Do you eat in the kitchen as a family together? Again, think about how your family functions from eating to sleeping to relaxing.

Visit a Spec Home

Here’s a great tip if you are considering multiple floor plans. You can visit the builder’s model homes. But, most people have a difficult time separating the upgrades and home décor from the main structure. The goal is to concentrate on the floor plan and the flow of the home. Model homes are beautiful to look at. However, to get a true feel of the flow of a floor plan without all the extras ask the builder if there are spec homes with the same floor plans that you can view. These homes are built by builders without a buyer in mind. They are also readily available. Chances are the floor plans you are considering exist somewhere in a spec home. You may have to go to another development to view the home, but in the long run it can be well worth it.

Know your Personal Design Style

Traditional home designs generally are more compartmentalized and partitioned off by walls and doors. While, more contemporary designs generally follow the open concept floor plan. And, when it comes to Modern designs think simplified forms and clean lines. Choosing the right floor plan to match your individual style is essential. A great way to determine if a particular style is for you is by looking at your furniture and accessories. If your furniture coordinates then, a contemporary or modern concept plan is the preferred option. However, if your furnishings encompass a variety of different styles then a more traditional option will probably work best.

Consider your Lifestyle

Lifestyle is a state of mind. So, consider how you like to live your life and have fun in your home. And, remember you have to feel comfortable in your space. Do you like to entertain? Do your guests hang out in your kitchen? Can your kitchen accommodate your guests? Will you have large outdoor barbecues? Do you need a formal dining room? Does your family like to sit together in front of the TV on Saturday nights? Will your kids have friends over to play games? Do you like to dance in your family room? Whatever you like to do, make sure you can do it in the floor plan you choose.

The Perfect Floor Plan Doesn’t Exist

You might be able get close to getting everything your heart’s desire in a floor plan but, realistically, you’ll probably have to make a compromise or two. Consequently, to get close to your “perfect” plan make a list of your needs, wants, and those things you can’t live without. The best way to do this is to take a good look at the house you currently live in. Do you need a bigger kitchen because you don’t have enough cabinet space? Or, do you need a bigger garage to store kids sporting equipment, bikes and tools?

Furniture and Rooms Aren’t a One Size Fits All

Just because your furniture fits perfectly in your current space doesn’t mean it will fit in your new space. This may be especially true if you plan to use your existing furniture. So, it is best to measure, measure, and, then measure some more. Measure your furniture, rooms, and doors. If you plan to put an existing chair that’s in your current master bedroom in the new one, make sure it fits through the door. Or, if you choose to purchase new furniture, again, the best advice here is to measure to ensure a perfect fit.

Consider the Future

Though no one can predict the future, it may be a good idea to plan ahead. Are you planning on having children? Will your family continue to grow? Or, will you need to be a caregiver to a parent in the future? Do you plan to retire soon? Lifestyle changes can definitely affect the floor plan you choose. Remember choosing a floor plan is all about you, your family, and how you choose to live your life.

Building your Dream Home?

Travisso, a master-planned community among the backdrop of the Texas Hill Country in Leander offers state-of-the-art floor plans from award-winning premier builders. Homebuyers can choose from one and two-story floor plans ranging in size from 1,900 to over 5,000 square feet with prices starting in the 300s to over one million. Visit us today. We can’t wait to meet you. For additional information call our Information Center at 512-243-8583. 

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Spice It Up with Our List of Area Tex-Mex Restaurants

Food - glory - May 25, 2018

As the name suggests Tex-Mex is a fusion of foods from both Texas and Mexico. Makes a lot of sense since the state of Texas and the country of Mexico meet at the border. Originating somewhere around the 1940s, the term, and the food, really didn’t hit the nationwide scene or become another cuisine until 30 years later. Its popularity and really the birth of Tex-Mex is attributed to restaurant owners and ranchers north of the border. Their purpose most likely was to increase profits and accommodate the palates of northerners. Consequently, they added two key ingredients to south of the border Mexican recipes. Those were beef and wheat flour. With those simple additions, what we know today as Tex-Mex was born.

Over the years, Tex-Mex has certainly evolved. And, now the original two key ingredients have some company. Additional Tex-Mex mainstays also include pork, shredded cheese, black beans, tomatoes, peppers, and cumin.

So, where’s guacamole on the list? If there was a state food of Texas then guacamole should be it. But, alas, there would probably be somewhat of a debate from the state’s barbecue lovers. Both foods vying for the same honor could cause a bit of a problem here in Texas. Passions for both foods run deep. Nevertheless, it’s worth thinking about. Guacamole is definitely a mainstay on Tex-Mex platters not only across the state but the nation. And, let’s not forget, a possible third choice–the breakfast taco.

With all that said, the real purpose of this article is to share a list of Tex-Mex restaurants and eateries close to Travisso. There’s certainly appears to be no shortage of restaurants and cafes serving up great Tex-Mex food on Whitestone and Bell Boulevards. Each is distinct and separates itself from the ordinary. So, let the fiesta begin.

Sit-down Tex-Mex Restaurants 

When it comes to weekend brunch Blue Corn Harvest Bar and Grill serves up a unique menu of just about everything. How about a Breakfast Quesadilla, Texas Steak Eggs Benedict or 512 Blue Corn Pork Taquitos? In addition to the food, the other shining star of the show on the weekends is the restaurant’s Texas Bloody Mary Bar. Enjoy this popular tomato cocktail with fresh, first-rate condiments. Gluten free entrée options abound. The quaint, outdoor patio is nestled among trees and is frequently used for musical entertainment.

It’s always a party at Chuy’s. This popular chain restaurant is infamous for large crowds and its fully loaded nacho car during happy hour. Fill your plate to the brim with freshly made nachos, queso, salsa, and ground beef served in an Elvis-style car. Order a drink and the nacho bar is complimentary. Chuy’s also makes homemade tortillas fresh every day. Its family-friendly fun atmosphere also caters to kids and large parties. The kid’s menu includes six entrees each with a $4.99 price tag and comes with a free secret dessert.

Family-owned Dos Salsas serves up Tex-Mex favorites using fresh foods prepared daily. The restaurant has two locations: Cedar Park and Georgetown. There’s usually a wait here so if you can go early. The large and encompassing menu caters to all palates. But, one of the best meals here is the fajitas. The sizzling plates filled with beef, chicken, or shrimp are hard to resist here. The condiments are fresh and plentiful.

Family-owned and Homemade Specialities

At Lupe Tortilla Mexican Restaurant freshly made food reigns. So does their quaint outside patio, homemade tortillas, and yummy margaritas. This regional chain also has locations in Houston and San Antonio. Lupe’s starts the day early and offers a large breakfast menu filled with breakfast tacos and classics. Their large dinner menu also includes ample seafood offerings. Happy hour discounts from 3 to 6:30 p.m. include original ‘Ritas, wines, wells, and draft beers. Complimentary chips (served warm) and salsa, queso, and a slightly spicy bean dip round out the experience.

Serranos Cocina y Cantina deviates somewhat from the topic of this article because it serves authentic Mexican fare using family recipes. The outside patio’s laid back atmosphere is a perfect way to end the day or start the weekend. This year Serranos celebrates its 30also th anniversary serving the Austin area. Serranos’ four restaurants serve lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch. Happy hour kicks-off at 3 p.m. and runs until 7 p.m. and features a daily drink special in addition to its regular happy hour mainstays.

Self-serve Tex-Mex Options and Local Favorites

On Tuesdays the drive-in window at Rosa’s Café and Tortilla Factory is jammed with hungry diners. And, reason is because Rosa’s Taco Tuesday Plate is just $4.39. The special serves up a hearty plate of three tacos with your choice of chicken or beef. It also includes rice, beans and condiments. Rosa’s also serves breakfast daily featuring a variety of tacos. However, Rosa’s claim to fame is their homemade tortillas which you can watch them make if you venture inside. The colorful dining room has plenty of seating.

Former President Barrack Obama brought Torchy’s Tacos into the national limelight when he stopped for a visit and a taco in March 2016. Obama somehow got the lowdown on this local street taco joint that originated in a food truck. They were already on the map. But, oh my, have they grown. Torchy’s Tacos now operates over 60 restaurants in Central Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma and Cedar Park. Street tacos are king at Torchy’s. What makes them a standout is the variety of offerings and their flavorful combinations. Burritos, salads, street corn, breakfast tacos, guacamole, and fresh salsa, too. The Fried Avocado Taco has somewhat of a cult following. Try it, you’ll definitely like it.

You can also travel on Bell Avenue and Cypress Creek Road for a handful of hearty Mexican fare and   Tex-Mex options. Those options include Los Reyes Mexican Restaurant, Jardin Corona, Los Chilaquiles and Santa Catarina.  And, to stay right in your hometown check out these Leander restaurants including Jardin Del Rey, Mayito’s Mexican Restaurant and La Tapatia Mexican Restaurant.

Visit Travisso Today

Just outside Austin, Travisso is a master-planned community in Leander, surrounded by natural scenery and hill country views. Consider Leander for your next home and live at Travisso. We can’t wait to meet you. 

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Five Unique Gifts and Ways to Spend Mother’s Day with Mom

Family Fun, Lifestyle - glory - May 3, 2018

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13. Historically, this modern American holiday is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. However, this year, the annual holiday that honors motherhood is also celebrating a milestone. Mother’s Day as we know it today is celebrating its 110th anniversary this year. Now, that’s another reason to celebrate.

And, if you haven’t quite thought about how to honor mom next week we have a few ideas. We did a little research and came up with some ideas that mom will absolutely love. From handmade gifts and cards to free chocolate tastings to craft seminars and a free concert it’s all about spending time with mom. So, here we go. Here’s our top choices on how to honor mom that won’t break the bank.

Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts

Create Unique Handmade Cards and Gifts. National retail chain Michaels is holding a series of kid’s workshops dedicated to making Mother’s Day cards and gifts. The Cedar Park Michaels is holding two Kids Club hands-on workshops on Saturday, May 5. Under the guidance, instruction, and watchful eyes of craft experts kids can create a one-of-a-kind card. Supplies are included. Or, they can choose to decorate a special Mother’s Day box. Supplies to decorate are free with the purchase of the box. The store is also offering additional Kids Club workshops on Saturday, May 12. Kids can choose to make either Flowers for Mom or a Mother’s Day frame. Workshops are for kids ages 3-6+. Fee is $2-$5 depending on age. View the website here for times and registration information.

Build a Garden Planter. Did you know that Home Depot offers hands-on monthly workshops for kids? With the help of a parent kids can build a Windmill Planter for mom on Saturday, May 5, 9 a.m. to noon at the Cedar Park location. The three-hour workshop includes building, painting, and decorating the planter. Upon completion kids a certificate of achievement. The free workshop also includes a workshop apron. To register click here. However, here’s another tip. Home Depot also offers weekly workshops for homeowners and Do-it-Yourselfers. If you love the challenge of DIY indoor and outdoor projects check out their list of upcoming workshops.

Mother’s Day Indulgences and Events

Indulge Her with Chocolate. It’s easy to do when you take her to Delysia Chocolatier on Mother’s Day from noon to 5 p.m. The event takes place at their Culinary Center & Chocolate Boutique, 2000 Windy Terrace, Suite 2C, Austin. Chocolate tastings, molded roses, and mimosas. And, with its free price tag mom will be impressed.

Spend Time with Mom Outdoors. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is holding a special themed event titled Mothers in Mother Nature at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area on Saturday, May 12, 8-9 p.m. Sit around the campfire and learn how animal species take care of their young. Bring a flashlight and a lawn chair. The park entrance fee is $7 per person. Children under 12 are free.

Take Mom to a Concert in her Honor. Enjoy the musical talents of the Austin Symphonic Band at the Texas State Capitol on May 13, 7 p.m. During this free outdoor event the band will play musical selections from Frank Ticheli and John Philip Sousa. For more information go to

The staff at Travisso wish all moms a very happy Mother’s Day. Enjoy your day!

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Six Simple Tips to Creating Patio Pizazz

Lifestyle - glory - May 3, 2018

With summer just around the corner it may be time to start thinking about glamming your patio. After all, your outdoor space is just as important as the indoors. And, creating an inviting stylish outdoor space for entertaining family and friends is essential for summertime fun and relaxation.

If you recently moved into the Travisso neighborhood and are still unpacking boxes, don’t worry. Your backyard patio doesn’t have to take a backseat. You can transform your patio from dreary to drop-dead gorgeous by investing very little time and patience, and using inexpensive decorating techniques and options.

Vibrant color choices, greenery and lighting are just a few of the many tricks to creating patio pizazz. Other options such as garden stools, decorative planters and rugs and runners also add flair. However, there’s also a few guidelines to follow along the way when it comes to furniture placement and choosing color. So, here’s just a few tips to use to make your patio a retreat for casual get-togethers, formal entertaining or your personal weekend destination.

Furniture placement. When placing your furniture on your patio the first thing to remember is to create zones. Take a good look at your space. How many zones or potential zones do you have? And, how much furniture do you have to place? You can create different, interesting and multiple areas by grouping your furniture together. For example, place your outdoor sofa, coffee table, and settee in one zone to create a sitting area. Then, place your outdoor table and chairs in another zone to create your dining area. Follow the same principle when it comes to additional furniture such as an outdoor bar or fire pit. Remember, when your place your furniture look at possible obstacles and the view. Looking at the view of the sunset is awesome but looking at the trash receptacle or your neighbor’s yard isn’t.

Color, color, color. When it comes to outside decorating color reigns and is the key to creating your outdoor oasis. The rule of thumb from design and entertaining expert Francesco Bilotto is to choose two to three colors, one pattern and one solid. There’s a few routes to go with this one. One, you can make if colorful, bight and fun. Two, you can also make it tastefully neutral and elegant with a mix of rustic earth tones. Either way the ending result will be fantastic.

Accessories. HGTV experts recommend that you use both outdoor and indoor accessories and furnishings. The idea here is that if you only use outdoor furnishings and accessories you may be limiting choices and your creativity.

Online shopping and home décor store finds. From online shopping to big box home décor stores, tis the season for outdoor furniture and decor. Pillows, lanterns, candles, planters, umbrellas, and so much more. There’s pluses and minuses to both. If you do online shopping you can’t see, touch, or feel the product before you buy. The variation in the color from screen to real life and product durability can be different. But, online shopping is super easy. It can be done anytime and you have the ability to choose from hundreds of product lines without leaving your home. Or, you can shop in-house at countless stores around your home. The big advantage here is that what you see is what you get but it is time consuming. Both options these days offer coupons and incentives to get you to buy. So, don’t forget to check for discounts and special offers.

Planters, containers, ladders, and flea market finds.  You can also create interesting spaces on your patio using a variety of different sized planters. Or, try refurbishing and painting a tiered ladder to display flowers, plants, veggies, succulents, herbs and drought-resistance Texas plants. Yard sales and flea markets are also great places to find unique items to house your greenery. Rusty wagons, wheelbarrows, rain boots, rustic shutters, tin milk cans, repainted side tables, and vintage toolboxes add both charm and ambience. Also, try galvanized tins for your plants. Ditch the steel ones and opt for colorful varieties such as yellow, bright green, and multiple shades of cool blues—turquoise, navy, and indigo.

Pillows, outdoor rugs and more. Hanging chairs are all the rage but adding a cute pillow to your one-seat wonder pulls off the total look. Previously mainstay decorating items for the indoors, pillows and rugs have now reached the same status. They are must-haves for outdoor decorating. No look is complete without them. Choose weather-friendly fabrics for easy cleaning. Fabric guards and multi-surface cleaners will help keep your patio fresh and clean throughout the summer.

Happy summer!!

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Top 10 Travisso Lifestyle Photos Trending Now

Trending - glory - Apr 25, 2018

Discover the Travisso lifestyle and all the comforts of home in our Italian-inspired master-planned community located in the progressive city of Leander. Voted in 2017 as the #1 place to raise a family in the state, Leander is also home to top-rated Leander Independent School District. With our convenient location to Austin’s city limits and the respite of the Texas Hill Country there’s no better place in the state to hang your hat.

From superb exteriors to bold kitchen designs to exquisite living rooms to spa-licious master-bath suites and tranquil outdoor living spaces there’s something for everyone at Travisso. And, did we mention, that The Palazzo, our awarding winning clubhouse is #1 in the state.

Here’s a round-up of our top 10 interior and exterior lifestyle photos trending on Facebook. If you recently missed our posts here’s a few of our favorites and yours that have people talking.

1. Two-story EleganceInterior of two-story home in Travisso

From traditional to transitional to contemporary, two-story floor plans offer a multitude of living space and understated elegance. In the photo above the open concept floor plan provides an airy interior with a pleasing color palate.

 2. An Exterior Worth Coming Home toExterior of two-story black and white home in Travisso

Now, that’s curb appeal and you can get the look at Travisso. We offer a wide range of home sizes in multiple price ranges to accommodate all lifestyles. Homes sizes range from 2,000 square feet to over 5,000 square feet. Make your new home truly your own. At Travisso Austin’s finest builders offer one and two-story homes in a multitude of floor plans with a variety of options and opportunities to customize.

 3. A Kitchen Design that Sizzles

With its play on color, medium wood floors and electrifying appliances this kitchen mix and matches the backsplash, metals, and countertops for one terrific look. And, according to a 2018 survey from the elements in this kitchen are trending in 2018. The light turquoise island and sink cabinet adds just the right balance to this transitional and appealing kitchen design.

4. Entertain in Styleopen concept kitchen and living area with off-white decorating

Do you like to entertain? This exquisitely designed multifunctional living area is the perfect setting for casual entertaining or for creating a one-of-a-kind dining experience for family and friends. You’ll fall in love with the flexibility of being able to entertain your guests while you prep for the evening’s meal.

6. Outdoor Living in the Texas Hill Country

Outdoor porch with three piece striped furniture set

It’s all about lifestyle at Travisso.  And, there’s no better way to relax at night or on the weekend than with the dramatic backdrop of the Texas Hill Country. Have a glass of wine, dine, watch the sunset or stargaze from your back porch. In this photo the comfortable layout provides a relaxing atmosphere.

 7. Play in Your BackyardSwimming pool in back of two story Travisso house with balcony

After all, whether you want to relax or have fun in the sun Travisso backyards have endless possibilities. And, it’s all up to you. In this photo the backyard swimming pool takes center stage and is a great way to keep cool during warm Texas summers.

8. For the Gourmet Chef in YouA dark cabinet kitchen with granite countertops

This sleek and multifunctional kitchen design has just the right dose of inspiration and dash of style for all your cooking needs. Whether you are a gourmet chef or just like to putter in the kitchen you’ll be excited prepping and cooking knowing amazing things are happening.

 9. Discover the Travisso Lifestyle

Hit the trail running. Enjoy the great outdoors with over 10 miles of planned Travisso hiking, and biking trails. You’ll never want to run or walk inside again once you explore and discover Travisso’s interconnecting trail system. The trail’s benches and parks provide many opportunities to stop for a rest or two along the way.

10. A Spa-licious Bathroom Suite

Leave your worries behind in this delightfully light master-bath suite. It provides all the necessities with a multitude of extras. Large vanities, a walk-in shower, and elegant lighting adds to its ambience and charm.

Visit Travisso today

With our over the top amenities, fabulous home designs, natural beauty, and the backdrop of the Texas Hill Country what’s not to love? Plan a visit today and explore our amazing amenity center and discover a vibrant community alive with spirit. Come for the view, stay for the Travisso lifestyle. Travisso—a place to explore; a place to relax; a place to call home. Call our Information Center at 512-243-8583 for directions and information.

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Candice Roy Brings Home the Silver

Community - glory - Feb 12, 2018

Candice Roy, Travisso’s lifestyle director, was recently presented with a Silver Award for Best Lifestyle Director in the nation. The winning announcement came during the 2018 National Association of Home Builder’s Sales and Marketing Awards last month in Orlando. The annual awards celebration is the association’s most prestigious event and honors the best of the best in the building industry nationwide. And, at Travisso we couldn’t be more proud of Candice and the lifestyle program she creates for our residents.

Events, childrens’ activities, clubs, OH MY!

The Travisso lifestyle director position falls under the helm of Travisso’s Homeowners Association located in The Palazzo. In her role, Candice is instrumental in ensuring Travisso’s lifestyle program is top-notch and meets the needs of its residents. As she continues to build the community’s program, her top priority is to provide a foundation on which to grow. “There’s a huge difference between planning the communications and marketing events for a couple hundred homes versus a couple thousand,” says Candice. “You have to have an understanding of what’s to come so you can prepare. Anyone can throw a party but it takes an understanding of the industry to grow a community. You need to be able to know where you are and where you want to go.”

Candice has laid the groundwork and is moving fast forward with fun, unique, and active programs tailor-made for the community. Since starting her position last June, events, fitness classes, and clubs meetings have increased significantly. Every month residents can choose from 10-12 events, 22 fitness classes, and 12 club meetings. Field trips are also on the rise. Starting this year there are plans to have one trip per quarter. From Palazzo Poker to Bunco, to Ladies Coffee, to Yoga and Tai-Chi there’s something for everyone. Whether you want to join a book club, take a walk with friends, or meet someone new there’s always something to do.

The Travisso lifestyle—creating experiences, connecting people

Though there are many facets of her position, what she loves the most is to create experiences that connect people and for families to enjoy them together. “Events are never a one-size-fits-all, you have to continually provide unique opportunities to bring people together.” For example, her favorite event was when the community came together to celebrate Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights. “It was an event that took on a life of its own,” she says. “The atmosphere was so loving and joyous which is something you can’t force.”

However, the key to her success is her ability to look beyond event planning. “In the industry you’ll see that the majority of lifestyle directors focus on events for their neighborhood,” she says. “I like to look at how I can help the residents and offer a value-added service to the Travisso lifestyle.” But, the best part of being Travisso’s lifestyle director, says Candice, “is having a front row seat to watch the families in the community blossom.”

With our over the top amenities, fabulous home designs, natural beauty, and the backdrop of the Texas Hill Country what’s not to love? Visit Travisso today and discover a vibrant community alive with spirit. Come for the view, stay for the lifestyle. Travisso—a place to explore; a place to relax; a place to call home. Call our Information Center at 512-243-8583 for directions and information.


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